• Alubuild For Designers.

    Get creative freedom at almost any budget with Alubuild. Our constructions are entirely modular and customisable, keeping your client projects fresh and adaptable to their needs.

    We have CAD models of each of our profile which allow millimetre-perfect accuracy in your design, which can then go directly into production. We also have profile objects available in Sketchup, allowing anyone to at least initiate a conceptual model of a project. In addition to standard profiles we stock an ever-expanding range of accessories that integrate literature, iPads, seating furniture and secure, lockable storage.

    Design enhancements such as tracked and recessed lighting are easy to accommodate using our lighting modules – as well as retrofitting your preferred lighting packages.

    We are also able to produce technical design from initial concept sketches, taking your vision and turning it into an itemised construction set and if required, producing photorealistic 3d renders which we can supply to you without graphics or incorporating your artwork.

    We are also able to handle graphic print procurement for creative clients using our extensive network of print specialists. This is particularly useful for tensioned fabric graphics as we can ensure colour rendition and silicon edge-beading is no longer a problem.

    Alubuild are also able to advise of technical limitations of constraints such as unsupported span lengths, maximum heights and provide detailed RAMS to the event organiser for any aspect of the structural design.


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